Current Projects

Hudson Valley Apps

I am currently running a mobile app development business.  We have a stellar team of experienced developers who can help you bring your app idea to life.  If you’re interested in this, check us out here.

Gracias App

I am CTO of Gracias, a bitcoin-related startup focused on making Bitcoin super easy to use.  Check us out.

Past Work

Moji Match

Moji Match was a turn-based emoji game for iOS.  I built up a fairly dedicated small fan base, but ultimately it turned out to be too hard to grow an audience even with a fun game.  In startup-speak, I didn’t have product-market fit.  It is almost impossible to market a game to a generic audience if you are a newcomer to mobile gaming.

What I learned: I can make games that people love, but that doesn’t mean that it is a good business to be in.


QatQi was one of my most successful projects to date.  Released in November 2012, QatQi received wide critical acclaim.  The game had over 1,000,000 downloads and reached #2 in the Word Games category on the app store.  But the traffic eventually petered out and I pulled the app from the App Store when revenue couldn’t pay for servers.  I still get emails from fans asking me to bring it back.  Who knows, maybe I’ll do it someday!  I still miss the game myself.

What I learned: This game was a niche game in a niche category on the app store.  (Word Games is the smallest category).  Ultimately the audience of people who would pay for QatQi wasn’t big enough to pay for its upkeep.  I learned that if I were going to create games, they had to appeal to a larger audience.  So I created Moji Match (see above).